Ernst Krause Upright Piano


Ernst Krause Upright Piano

[See Video Demonstration]

Ernst Krause (also formally known as 'Ernst Krauss' as in this example) are a high quality piano manufacture made in Berlin. This instrument has exceptional build quality with a wonderful tone. Please see the video demonstration above. If you wish to try out the piano for yourself in person, please contact me.
This instrument has been tuned to concert pitch, voiced, and regulated, and all ready to go. The casework is in good condition, and shows some marks due to age. Please see photos.
First Free tuning once delivered to you is included providing you are based within my service area. Buyer to arrange pickup or delivery, (I can recommend local removal companies if required) 

 Ernst Krause piano's are still produced today. Please  visit  Ernst Krause Homepage for more information

Size View of Ernst Krauss Upright  Piano

Rear View of Ernst Krauss Upright Piano

Close Up of internals of Scholze Upright Piano (petrof trademark badge)
close up of Casework of the Ernst Krauss Upright Piano Close up of Pedals on Ernst Krauss Upright Piano - bridal tapes and check heads Close up of action on the Ernst Krauss Upright Piano
Ernst Krauss Upright Piano Logo and keys   Close up of trap work and pedals on the Ernst Krauss Upright Piano







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